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Our history since 1878 - 7 generations of watch makers

Karl Wilfart was christened in Marienbad on the 19th of February 1878. His Father, Josef Wilfart my great-great-great grandfather was a watchmaker in Königswart Böhmen. The Wilfart's family are proud craftmans consisting of no less than seven consecutive generations of watchmakers. My grandfather and my great grandfather managed a magnificant shop in Eger in Böhmen up until 1943. They were recognised dealers, one of the largest Lange & Söhne suppliers of their time and true craftsmen.

Josef Wilfart

Jewellery Wilfart 1930

The pocketwatch, Tourbillion from Lange & Söhne is very much a rare and valued watch. Towards the completion of his apprenticeship at Haus Lange & Söhne, my grandfather, Hans Wilfahrt crafted one of 23 school watches with Tourbillion (Number 2970) under the supervision of Alfred Helwig. But unfortunately in the chaos and confusion of war, this watch was lost. However worse was yet to come: in 1946 both my grandparents and my then 8 year old Father found themselves homeless with nothing other than the clothes on their back and my grandfathers watch-makers tool case. Eventually our family found their new home in Hersbruck, Franken.

Jewellery Wilfart 1936

Jewellery Wilfart 1951

From nothing and with just their expraordinary skills, talents and dedication the jewellers Hans Wilfart became a well known company in the town and local area. In the early seveties, the shop was taken over by my Father, Hans Wilfart Jun. who attained his watch making at the renouned watch maker school in Hamburg. Still today he is often engaged as an official expert on historical jewellery and watches.

Brochure 1956

Jewellery Wilfart today

I, Bernhard Wilfart, now follow in the footsteps of our family tradition. Responsible for the management of the company and what else but a qualified watch watch maker too. To be precise my apprentaship started at the age of 5. The fasination of a watch makers workshop is irresistible especially for young boys.

Today after more than 60 years success in Hersbruck, we offer our customers everything that can be expected of a modern jeweller. We are located in the "Spitalgasse" in Nuremberg and our team would be delighted to welcome you in person.

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